Platform Services

Platform Services

Mercury Financial is an Initiative and a JV between Kedia Capital and Actlogica

Kedia Capital and Actolgica met and our belief system, principles, vision, mission aligned and we decided to give birth to Mercury Financial as a JV with a common mission statement to be known as the 1st and the most preferred platform to be used by financial intermediaries in India.

Mercury is a cloud native application that runs on Hybrid cloud with infinite scale for computing & data workloads. It makes use of messaging across 40+ modules for inter process communication making the platform lightning-quick and delightful experience.

Innovation in multiple modules provides the advisor with an edge in the current competitive landscape. For example, our order management module allows the advisor to strategically switch across AMC schemes with one time or recurring frequency. Our SIP’s module allows the advisor to pause, start, edit and restart investments of clients anytime anywhere. Our Model Portfolio module not only allows the advisor to setup multiple strategies & assign them to clients based on various risk profiles but also allows rebalancing by cloning the existing model. Reporting and analytics insights are GIPS standards compliant. Our Fee Templates provides the advisor flexibility of setting up different fees strategies & assign it to portfolios. Our proprietary Fee Recovery Engine calculates fees for various strategies, invoices the investor, collects and pays the advisor making revenue controlled & predictable.

Advisors face challenges using disconnected systems for client management, financial or goal planning, generating cash flows, on boarding customers, trade order management, portfolio accounting & reporting, compliance, market & portfolio analytics, maintaining & executing portfolio strategies across asset classes. Mercury provides a solution to all these challenges with unparalleled innovation so that the financial advisor can scale their practice.

Mercury is an end-to-end interconnected platform for Financial Advisors to seamlessly analyze, advice, execute, and report their client’s wealth and wellbeing. It is a unique platform in India with innovation built into multiple aspects that an advisor performs every day with investors. We use actuarial mathematics for advanced portfolio analytics and deep mathematics for accuracy and predictions.