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A lot of individuals have limited financial resources available with them at the start of every month. If they allocate their resources wisely then they would be able to secure their present and future and also achieve their financial goals. On the other hand, if they are not prudent with their money, they will not be able to achieve their goals.

  1. Why should one be thoughtful while dealing with the money today?
  2. What are the options available today before us and what they stand for?
  3. How should one manage her finance smartly to create wealth and manage risk (and saves tax too)?
  4. How should he take care of his risk/insurance in case of any medical emergency or unforeseen situation?
  5. Would he like to create a financial plan and save towards achieving their financial goals?
  6. How inflation eats your money and reduces the purchasing power year on year and how to beat it?

We have successfully conducted more than 100s of workshops helping and interacting with 1000s of clients to achieve their financial freedom and hence the workshop or 1 to 1 interaction is also themed as *Financial Freedom*.

  1. Personal Financial Planning
  2. How to protect yourself and your family? How to plan and achieve children’s future goals? How to plan for your retirement?
  3. Investments
  4. What are the various asset classes where we can invest our money? An unbiased view of each asset class’s usefulness.
  5. What we can learn from the past? How does the future look?
  6. Tax Planning
  7. What are various sections where you can save tax? How can you link your tax saving investments and insurances with your financial goals?
  8. Liabilities
  9. Management
  10. How to reduce the burden of your loans and save on your EMI’s?
  11. Estate Planning
  12. Breaking the various Myths on Investments
  13. Have you written your Will? Would you like to create your LOG?
  14. Various traditional investment practices are outdated and not beneficial in the current environment.